Sold Paintings + Drawings

SOLD Paintings and Drawings – for reference only contact me
FishBearWoman24x36 150dpi
YoYoCat 24x36 150dpi TomBoy12x18 RedBoots24x36 150dpi EggMartini24x36 150dpiMermaid 12x36Bobbi's Dinner003 abundance 2 alter painting Amilie Angel Pink art023 Ballerina Bobbi allen000 Bobbi allen002 Bobbi allen004 Bobbi and Barb001 Bobbi painting Bobbi's Dinner003 Body Parts6 Cat's Cradle CONSIGNMENT_Mean_People__3_x4___TAYLOR__Jennifer_op_453x600 Copper Pomegranites crystal ball Cuckoo Clock dancing girl Deer Head CU dirge 16x20 oil canvas DSCF0119 DSCF1928 DSCF2437 DSCF2733 DSCF2869 DSCF2871 DSCF2872 DSCF3189 DSCF3224 Duck Tea018 Egg on Headd Fat Man in Bed1 Fatso001 Fern Vase and Little People fern vase jpeg fisherman dream board 6'x3' oil on wood Freeark002 Freeark004 Freeark007 Freeark00011 Holding Bird image028 image844 image1065 image1082 IMG_0774 Jacob1072 Janie Jen's canvas paper002  orange bowl lit Picnic1 Political Man11 Prayer Man Prisoner red vase and leaves jpeg Saintly Housewife Santa Smoking Fish1 still life- 1 20x20 latex canvas still life- 2 20x20 latex canvas still life- 3 20x20 latex canvas still life- 5 20x20 latex canvas still life- 6 20x20 latex canvas still life- 8 20x20 latex canvas still life- 720x20 latex canvas stork girl stuff 005 That Day (2) Tsunami white daisies jpeg wide plant Woman pulling Light Chain Woman under Deer1 Women in Ties OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA